3 Poetry Hotlines For Your Daily Poem Pick-Me-Up

ballerina-phone-boothI’m assuming these hotlines came from John Giorno’s Dial-A-Poem (re-created by MOMA here) from the 1960s in which 15 phone lines were connected to separate answering machines all containing one recorded poem. People could call in from 9-5 daily and hear snippets of contemporary work being read. I absolutely love that this has found its place in the 21st century.

Kelly Writers House:
Years ago, when I would get overwhelmed, I used to call the Kelly Writers House and listen to a poem wherever I happened to be. They feature poets who have read for them, as well as their own faculty and students (the latter at a different extension).

(215) 746-7636 ext. 3

Ring Ring Poetry:
Live in the Twin Cities? You don’t have to to enjoy these poems, but they are written for specific spots in those locations. This should definitely be done for more places – I’d totally write or call in. (612) 223-7636 ext. 2

Voicemail Poems:
Or maybe you want to share your own poem? You can do that by phone too! Voicemail Poems allows you leave a message (your poem) on their answering machine to be published online on their website alongside a text version of your work. Pretty awesome I’d say. Our own Dena Rash Guzman even appears there!

(910) 703-7636

Get listening, or reading, or both!

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