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Stop Using the C Word

“We’re all crazy—it’s just that some of us take our meds!” Everyone laughs. We’re sitting in the living room of my cousin’s …


Men and the Word “Feminism”

Junot discussed how he writes offensive, chauvinistic male characters to bring issues of gender to the forefront of his work. But then a woman piped up and asked, “So do you consider yourself a feminist?” and Junot answered with what to me was both baffling, and, well, super-baffling. He said no.

Nellie Bly

History’s Magical Women: Nellie Bly

Bly began her career already in first gear. Her first published piece was a letter in response to a highly sexist article entitled “What Girls are Good For”. Her argument against this article was so spirited and forceful that she was offered a job.


Poems by Jennifer Stohlmann

GIRL FLESH She imagines herself to be indigo and irons the new jacket, friends laughed while she jacked it slapped her back …

She is just not feeling, it man.

Luna Luna Love + Lust: She’s Just Not That Into It (Having Sex)

For a lot of women, for a lot of their lives, bodies can feel like these alien things that cause us pain and misery and confusion, and sometimes it’s easier to eat cookie dough straight out of the tube in our PJs than to feel a connection with our sexual sides.

Image From Thetfs.ca

The Hunt For “City Island”: 1960s Catholicism, Family & Film Escapism

My grandma and the rest of her fourteen children lived and breathe the ups and downs of movies and celebrity lives with a veracity that equals the concern they take to their own. Living in sweltering 1960’s South Texas in a turbulent house of Catholic guilt, and domestic violence must have meant a trip to a dark, air conditioned movie theater was a dreamland of peaceful escape for my mom and her siblings. I mean, even Lee Harvey Oswald tried hiding from his problems in a Texas movie theater. The point is, all problems can be solved by going to the movies.

April Naoko Heck's A Nuclear Family (Upset Press 2014)

Excerpts From A Nuclear Family by April Naoko Heck

What impressed me about this poetry collection was not only Heck’s use of imagery, but the way she gets to the heart of the matter. She shows the reader how pain is measured at different times in our life.


Some Of Our Most Beloved Amy Winehouse Performances

No performer ever lived quite like Amy Winehouse. Amy was raw. She was honest. There was no curtain between us and her life, especially when she was on the stage. She was tragic poetry draped in a gifted voice, which was why so many people feel connected to her. She was one of us, and pretended to be no better even though she was so rich with talent.

womens rights

Feminist Round Up and Some Intelligent Reads

I grew up after the “Bra Burners” and before “Girls Gone Wild.” This sandwich of time, was idyllic. I haven’t really had to think about FEMINISM in relation to what it means to me. Those idyllic days may never show their head to my daughter and I worry for the young girls out there trying to figure out how to deal with a world-wide epidemic of female bashing. What do we do when we are confronted by the likes of Boku Harim, Sexual Assaults on Campus, Hobby Lobby, and then those Photos of Women Who Don’t Need Feminism?

Baby Mine sketch/photo by Cee Martinez

[CONFESSION] My Daughter And I Are Better Off Never Meeting

They say, that becoming a mom changes you the moment you see your baby for the first time. Everything I know to be selfish and mean about myself would evaporate if I only gave motherhood a chance.

I can’t believe that, however. I know my heart and bones through and through and I know I would have been nothing but harm for you.


Paradise Spa: A Sexualized Experience?

This level of intensity would not have affected the more experienced women, their fingers thickened by years of work. But for her, it requires not an insignificant amount of effort, and I can hear it in her shallow, rapid breaths, the strain visible in her slightly curled toes. I like how hard she has to work to bring me relief; her exertions increase my pleasure, her discomfort arouses me.


Attack of the 50 Foot Angry Black Lady

I’m tired of being expected to be the kindly negress willing to hold the hand of everyone who doesn’t want to do their own work, while smiling and patting them on the proverbial bum so they know they are doing a good job.


What Are We? On Non-Binary Relationships

Non-Binary Relationships: human beings are complicated. It only makes sense that the manner in which we relate to one another both romantically and sexually (or neither) would reflect that complexity as well.


The Kim Kardashian Game Lends Us Some Insight On Kim’s Celebrity

I’m not writing this article to review Kim Kardashian: Hollywood for y’all, because Gizmodo and Uproxx and everyone else already did. I’m writing this article because it was only while playing this dumb game that I finally realized something about the appeal of Kim Kardashian.


My Paris: Psychogeography & Being Broke Abroad

In the movie Before Sunrise, Richard Linklater expresses this idea – that we imbue places with meaning, not the other way around – visually. This idea of urban exploration and the emotional marking of physical spaces calls to mind the concept of psychogeography.

beyonce jay z on the run

A True Account of Beyonce & Jay’s “On The Run” Tour

The famed pair took their place on the stage and a reminiscent, yet totally relevant feeling of lust and love drifted across the stadium and filled our hearts with its depth. This initial performance signified the beginning; their first song together: the start of this journey that we were all allowed to glimpse upon in that moment. They are America’s sweethearts. Ride or die to the very end.

Luna Luna is My Love Ritual

Writing for Luna Luna is like performing a love ritual for me. It’s saying a prayer to my most authentic, badass self. It’s coming clean with all the parts of myself that are hurt, proud, angry, ecstatic, scared, passionate and most especially TRUE.

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Where Did Luna Luna Come From? How To Start A Magazine

On a particularly lonely night I started Luna Luna because I felt empty, useless and trapped. I have never been the type to be sated easily; I’ve always needed a real creative outlet that wasn’t as solitary as writing poetry. I needed people.


July 15: Happy Birthday Luna Luna!

My favorite piece from the past year is the one through which I discovered Luna Luna; without this piece I might have never become a part of this wonderful home. Most of you have read it because it went super duper viral; it is Alecia Eberhardt’s “Stop Saying I Have a Boyfriend.”


Two Poems by Andrew Squitiro

If I wasn’t so tall, your favorite / position for lovemaking / wouldn’t overwhelm me: / the image of wrestling some beautiful / farm animal before slaughter. / My height pains me like a piece


What You Should Know About The Condoms in Porn Law

I think the California state legislature is of the same frame of mind as our current Supreme Court, the vast majority of our conservative lawmakers, the medical establishment, and—yeah, I’m saying it—the patriarchy. The frame of mind that says that Sex is Bad.

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Poems by Lauren Gordon

THE MYSTERY OF INVISIBLE WOMEN I can answer that, Ned replies. The secret is in the robot who only hears your voice …