GLITTER NATION: The Sparkle Manicure Is Perfect for Gals on the Go


SPARKLES! Read More →

3 Poems I Can’t Stop Reading

palm tree

This post originally appeared on A beautiful thing about our world is that we have poetry in it. The Read More →

Tarot Card of the Week: 9 of Pentacles


It’s no secret that I read Tarot–I’ve written about it and published an entire book of poetry based off of Read More →

Shades of Noir: Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia

the bride

Melancholia is essentially an operatic and lyrical death dance. Read More →

The Power of Online Feminist Spaces

woman typing

The best feminist Facebook groups are secret. And the most notorious are the most difficult to maintain. But there is Read More →

We Spoke with Valerie Brandy about Lola’s Last Letter


  We had the pleasure of speaking with Valerie Brandy, the director, writer and star of Lola’s Last Letter, a Read More →

On Chrissie Hynde and Self-Blaming Rape Victims


In Western society, rape culture often feels like a “one step forward, two steps backward” movement. Read More →

The Present From A Place Of The Past


From the Northern Neck of Virginia, on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, you can see Maryland without squinting. Read More →

Overnight Success Is Over-Rated: A Book Blogger’s Journey


  BY SERENA AGUSTO-COX It’s hard to believe that my book review blog, Savvy Verse & Wit, is still going Read More →

Pocketful of Poesy: Poetry Horoscopes for August and September


Psst. Wanna know what’s in store ahead? Read your poetry horoscope. Read More →

The War On Women: We Are Literally Dying From It


We’re not just being politically attacked and degraded through pop culture, we’re being beaten, raped, and killed. Read More →

Interview With Photographer Francesca Beltran

Photo by Francesca Beltran

Francesca Beltran: I want people to feel something. I want them to imagine worlds and characters that don’t necessarily exist. I want them to want to be in all these places and most importantly, I want to inspire them to go out and try to find them. Read More →

An Open Letter To The Parents Of Immigrant Children

Screenshot 2015-08-28 at 1.15.55 PM

Mom and dad, I wish you had talked to me about race when I was younger. I know you experienced this too, all of the isolation that comes with being a visible minority in a majority white country. Read More →

Dear Reader: Here Is My Sexy, Timeless Song Playlist

This is love that I'm feeling

The songs on my playlist might be oldies, but they’re goodies. Read More →

What The Murder of Alison Parker Taught Me About Being A Journalist


Journalism is a call to action. There is a story that still needs to be heard. Read More →

How to Be Mesmerizing: Anna Karina’s Imaginary Playlist

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.41.38 AM

Retro amazing overload. Read More →

Emperor Energy: Creating My Own Tarot Deck


I start to see Emperor energy in my daily life. Read More →

The Last Days of Rosé: Affordable Rosé Wine Faves


The Last Days of Rosé: Affordable Wine We Love Read More →

4 Poems By Brian Spears


Listen closely. You will be comforted. Read More →

Making Out: On Anchoring Yourself


I am again pedaling into myself—girl-woman. Electric with an awareness of other-me. Sensuous-me at a safe distance. Read More →

CONFESSIONS: My Father Was an Alcoholic, Closet Cross Dresser

make up

My father’s lips and face were covered in a half-assed makeover. My mother’s reaction was not what he expected. Her supportive nature and innocent mind didn’t see any harm in playing out this role when they were alone in the house together. Read More →

No Longer “Fifteen” By Linnea Kelly {Teen Voices}


“No Longer ‘Fifteen:’ Evolving Alongside Taylor Swift” By Linnea Kelly I pride myself on my musical taste. I grew up Read More →

Poems For: Reading By The Sea


Electrifyingly-colored sherbets, scooped from the freeze
By pale girls, travel the air in scorched hands.

Why is it so quiet, what are they hiding?
I have two legs, and I move smilingly. Read More →

5 Poems I Read in 2015 (& You Should, Too)


I read and write poems everyday. I’ve taught poetry to high school students. You could say that poetry is pretty Read More →

Weekly Tarot With Tif: Competing Wills

animals mammals jumping olympic national park

Your medicine or way of doing things may not be to another’s preference… So what. Your Weekly Tarot for 08/24/2015-08/30/2015. Read More →

“I Don’t Poem” Is The Perfect Book of Poetry for Artists

i don't poem

Why you need to read I DON’T POEM. Read More →

Sad Saturday: A Playlist for Wandering The Beach

Screenshot 2015-08-22 at 11.59.27 AM

Your sad Saturday morning playlist. Read More →

An Index of Strangers, Episode 3: The Blonde on Broadway

nyc street

On my way to work on a hot summer morning, I passed a strange scene. A late-middle-aged blonde in an expensive-looking sheath Read More →

Sexual Assault By Your Cab Driver Is Illegal, If Only You Can Prove It


The cop told Mary she probably wanted to go home with him, that it wasn’t sexual assault. They said, “You can’t prove it wasn’t consensual, so we can’t prosecute.” Read More →

Diary of Poets at Silent Barn


What holds you back from embracing the person you came to see? You stand back and watch the back of his head turn side-to-side cautiously in every direction as if he’s looking to not look in every direction except yours. This is a kind of self-gratification. What am I doing here exactly? Read More →

Going Topless With Phoenix Feeley: An Interview


Going Topless Day is coming up! Read More →

The Contemporary Poetry Book For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Art by Courtney Brooke

Which poetry book is right for you? Read More →

DilDos and DilDon’ts

A picture of the Sh! Wand Massager.

In this regular sex toy review column, I’ll be reviewing a variety of different types of toys once every full Read More →

Racism & Faith in Times of Crisis


Watching Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” for the first time in the wake of several black church fires last month probably affected Read More →

Feminist Mutha: Fear


I’ve spoken with a lot of new parents lately, and there is so much fear, so much worry about whether Read More →

Actually, Losing Friends is Okay, Constructive & Necessary


It’s been five months since she shamed and abandoned me, and I still think about her daily. I wonder if she’ll ever read this. If she does, my first instinct would be to say I’m sorry. Read More →

5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who Is Getting Married

wedding cake

Getting married is a time you begin to realize that the people around you, however well meaning, are going to say a lot of crazy things to you. Read More →

We Talked To Deborah Kampmeier About Virgin, Hounddog & SPLiT

Screenshot 2015-08-18 at 12.53.16 PM

DEBORAH KAMPMEIER’s first feature Virgin, starring Elisabeth Moss and Robin Wright was made for $65,000 and was nominated for two 2004 Independent Spirit Awards. Her second feature, Hounddog, starring Dakota Fanning was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Deborah has just completed her third feature, SPLiT. Read More →

Yes, Rape Culture Exists, Even In Yoga Class

Screenshot 2015-08-18 at 10.20.49 AM

In other words, men are (hetero) wild sex beasts who need women to cover their bodies in order to make any attempt to refrain from objectifying them. Read More →

Weekly Tarot With Tif: Zest to Zing and Succeed

fool zest for fun Darlene Bushue

“Don’t fear experience,” says the Fool. Add a little zest to zing. Your Weekly Tarot for 08/17/2015-08/23/2015. Read More →

Why Anne Frank’s Writing Makes Me Want to Be a Better Writer


I was recently on holiday in Amsterdam and on one evening, I went to visit Anne Frank’s house. More accurately Read More →

Shades of Noir: Interview With The Creators of Spring


About a week ago I had a three-way with Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead—on Skype. We talked visionaries and madmen, Read More →

A Farm Girl’s Memory & Why Corn Is the Sweetest


I’d sing nervously to myself, yanking away the long, tough, veiny husks from the ears of corn, layer by ever-softer layer, to expose the slippery, green-white silk beneath…Ripping the silky blond threads from between the kernels felt like corruption. Read More →

Summer Poetry Reads: Limon, Negroni, Mathieu & Pizarnik

Screenshot 2015-08-16 at 3.48.06 PM

Reads by Limon, Negroni, Mathieu & Pizarnik Read More →

Fame, Child Actresses, & Dying Too Young: An interview With Amber Tamblyn


“Actors are not dangerous. Writers are incredibly dangerous.” Read More →

My Fervor is Bloody: Damaris Calderón & Loves of Evil


Yo soy el mar
y golpeo y golpeo.
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Divinity: Lana Del Rey, High By The Beach, Firing A Gun


Lana Del Rey, the high priestess of Luna Luna Magazine, gave the earth something resplendent today, something that has all the beauty of Dario Argento’s chaotic open windows and long night gowns ( a la Opera) and all the beautiful rage Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money. Read More →

On Death, Dreams, and Memory


BY TINA V. CABRERA Death is our friend… Life always says Yes and No simultaneously. Death (I implore you to Read More →

Diploma Detritus: Revisiting Kicking and Screaming on Its 20th Anniversary


It’s hard not to be charmed (and occasionally mildly frustrated) by Noah Baumbach’s directorial debut Kicking and Screaming (1995) on its 20th anniversary. Read More →

Meet Sweta Srivastava Vikram, Poet & Novelist


Poet Sweta Srivastava Vikram discusses her work, and her new collection, Wet Silence: Poems for Hindu Widows. Read More →